Our History

From the time Edwin Scott was a little boy, standing on the fender skirts of his big brother’s cars and watching every move he made, he’s wanted to know how things worked and how they were made. He absorbed all he could from every source, taught himself how to fix what would break, and would find new ways to make things work in the way that he needed. At 18, his first car was finally parked in his driveway – a 1971 Plymouth Road Runner that his mother affectionately called ‘Old Blue’. A beautiful car in its own right, but Edwin decided it needed to be a showpiece. After gaining national attention at cruise nights and shows, Car Craft magazine featured his hard work on their pages, and Edwin gained a reputation of being knowledgeable, thorough and humble. Eventually, he opened EZ’s Hydraulics and experienced success with his work being recognized again on a national level.

His life wasn’t all cars. He met and married the love of his life, Susan, and they had a son in 1988. He named his son after the big brother that had given him his life’s work. Donnie grew up at his father’s side, learning and watching. There was never any doubt what his profession would be. When Donnie was a teenager, he saved his hard-earned money and purchased his first car. Of course, it wasn’t a new machine at all – it came from a local junkyard and had to be towed to their house. Donnie got to work. After school and weekends, relying on hid dad to get him into town for parts, he and Edwin built his first motor. He was 14, and his car was a ‘90 Honda CRX.

Anyone that knows these two realize that they don’t skimp on anything. The ‘90 CRX is now a showcar, with countless hours of building and rebuilding, fabricating the parts they couldn’t find and putting together a fascinating and beautiful piece of machinery. Donnie was quickly gaining his own reputation of being the foremost authority on Honda builds in the Southeast.

Now that the first project was finished, it was time to move on to a bigger challenge – a true race car. Fate would bring them another CRX, and the father/son duo set out to build the fastest car they could. Methodically and patiently, they built their car from the bottom up and proceeded to turn heads at tracks across the region.

With little to no sponsorship over the years, these two have made waves everywhere they’ve been. At the same time, no matter where they were, a helping hand or two has been offered to any racer that needed it. They have set the example for the racing community – help to anyone that needs it, and have as much fun as possible while you’re doing it.